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We work with deathcare professionals and everyday people to help them create a more humane and equitable end of life experience for all.

what is human-centered design?

Human-centered design is an approach to problem-solving that puts people at the center. (Not the designer.) It involves an iterative process of soliciting feedback from people to inform the systems and services we create for them. Most systems are not designed this way, which is why we wind up with a deathcare process that is often too difficult to understand, too expensive, and too traumatic for the average person to navigate.



Using Design to Help Us Die Better

Human-Centered Design Workshops

We help organizations that center death and dying solve problems by conducting human-centered design workshops for their stakeholders and community.

Instructional Design

We help deathcare professionals educate their communities about the systems in place to help them navigate the end of life by creating online courses.

Web and Graphic Design

We offer web and graphic design for those who need help getting their end of life care business off the ground.



Check Out Our 2024 Report to Help Understand What's Going on in Deathcare

In order to ​help you better understand and visualize the forces at play in the rapidly evolving deathcare space, we conducted a survey to understand who is represented in deathcare and what their needs are. 


Click below to download the report for free.

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Let’s Work Together

I would love to work with you! If you want to see how we can work together and/or get a quote for services (all prices are based on scope of work), you can use the form here to contact me or send an email to

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